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9 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

May—October, your calendar is filled with weddings. May and June used to be peak wedding season in the Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland area, but now trends are shifting to include September and October in the peak. You know what's never peaked? That's right, winter. But, here are 9 reasons that may sway you towards having a winter wedding, yes, even in the DC area.

1. It's cheaper!

I'm sure you've caught on to the fact that when you receive a venue's packages and pricing, November—February is significantly cheaper, almost enough to push you towards a winter wedding, but not quite! On top of the cost savings, venues may be willing to provide additional benefits, such as an extra hors d'oeuvres display or a signature drink, at no cost. If you had your eye on upgrading to the chiavari chairs, you may be able to negotiate a complimentary upgrade.

2. No Competing Weddings

No need to worry about receiving a bunch of declining guests, as they are already committed to another wedding. In fact, on top of their excitement of celebrating your big day, they're probably eager to attend a wedding during the sparse winter season.

3. Prime Vendor Availability

You had your eye on a certain photographer, had all of the pictures you wanted taken based on his/her gallery, but, s/he's already booked! Not so, when you have a winter wedding. You will have your choice of vendors, such as photographer, videographer, music, catering, floral, wedding planner (wink, wink), and the list goes on.

4. Vendor Upgrades

Back to that photographer, yes, you would like an engagement session, 500 edited images, 10 hours day-of shooting, plus a second shooter, and that wedding album, but, it's all way out of budget. But in the winter, just like you have negotiated some complimentary upgrades with the wedding venue, you will most likely be able to get some freebies thrown in to your vendor booking. Yes, you can have it all and all within budget!

5. More Vendors!

With the thousands saved on booking your venue in the winter, you now have some extra cash that you could save, or maybe put it towards some wedding upgrades you originally decided were out of budget. For example, jet-black printed addressed envelopes and seating cards? Oh no, time to book that calligrapher! Photobooth? Check!

6. Winter Reception

Unique to having a winter wedding is you can include a hot cocoa or apple cider bar! Or how about some trendy spiced apple cider donuts that you've seen all across Instagram? These are fun touches embracing the winter-ness of your wedding. Pinterest has lots of creative ideas of how to set up and display the hot beverage bars (shameless plug for my Pinterest page, with lost of winter reception ideas).

7. Snow!

Now, snow can be the bane of your existence, but it's to be expected living in the Washington, DC area. A little sprinkle of snow on your wedding day can be the backdrop for dazzling wedding pictures. Whether in the glow of the setting sun or basking in moonlight, these pictures with the snow swirling around you are prime options for getting that blown up print to hang on your wall, or maybe on next year's holiday cards.

8. Accessorizing

Yes, winter means heavy jackets, boots, and scarves, but for a wedding, it can mean boleros, shawls, and (fake) fur. Take advantage of the season to incorporate some accessorizing into your wedding look, whether it's for pictures-only, or worn throughout the whole day. A monogrammed shawl complimenting your wedding colors also makes an excellent bridesmaid gift.

9. Honeymoon time!

If you're going to a warm island, you will enjoy it that much more to be in the sun and out of the cold! Enough said, right? Or, if you're going to a cold destination, at least you won't have to drag your winter clothes out of the attic.

Are you ready to book your winter wedding, yet? Yes or no, I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, and check back soon for more!

xo stephanie

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