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17 Reasons You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner in 2017

You’re engaged--congratulations! Planning your wedding sounds like the dream job you’ve been waiting for, right? While it can be fun, there are a lot of issues and stressful situations that can arise with wedding planning. If you’re in the midst of planning, you may be ready to pull your hair out! If you’re not at that stage yet, here are 17 reasons why hiring a wedding a planner is one of the best decisions you will make!

1. Time

Between your 10-hour work days, CrossFit, Pilates, fiancé, dog, girlfriends, family, the list goes on, researching vendors and dealing with the 100s of additional emails you will be receiving is something you just don’t have time for! A full-service wedding planner will eliminate all of the research, emails, phone calls back and forth between the many, many vendors, and only present to you the top options meeting your criteria.

2. Budget

You have an idea of how much you’re comfortable spending, but have no idea how it all breaks down. Math?!--No way, Jose’! An experienced wedding planner can take your number of guests, and provide a suggested budget breakdown of how much funds should be allocated to each category. An exceptional wedding planner will then listen to you (the client!) and determine what needs to be increased/decreased based on your must-haves. As planning progresses, the planner should provide budget updates and also seek ways to give you the most bang for you buck, if needed.

3. Vendor Recommendations

Wedding planners work with many vendors, some they may be more fond of than others. They can suggest vendors who they know have done stellar jobs, as well as ones they know will be within budget. Some brides and grooms might be concerned that wedding planners are being compensated or receiving “kick-backs” for recommending certain vendors. While there may be some planners who do accept referral fees, at SRS Events, we do not receive any sort of vendor compensation, so you can be assured the vendors recommended are truly due to their excellent services.

4. Timeline

You know what you want to happen during your wedding day, but you don’t know how much time to allocate for each event or activity. A wedding planner will be able to take your overarching vision, and create a realistic timeline that will then be shared with all vendors and wedding party, so everyone is on the same page. If there are questions or issues, your wedding planner will be listed as the contact, so you do not have to deal with a barrage of phone calls.

5. Details

A wedding planner is detail-oriented and organized. (If they're not, they should not be a wedding planner!) Your planner will think-thru all events and what's needed to make them a success. For example, having a unity candle lighting during the ceremony? Your wedding planner will make sure the candle lighter is on the table so you won't be left hanging during the ceremony!

6. Onsite

Aside from the vendor research and bookings, one of the other main reasons brides and grooms hire a wedding planner is for onsite peace of mind. The bride can sip mimosas with her bridesmaids and the groom might indulge in a Scotch, all while not having to worry about the seating cards and ensuring the candy bar is set up, as the wedding planner has got it all handled.

7. Ideas

Maybe you have a Pinterest full of wedding inspiration or you just have no idea where to start, except for maybe knowing you want blush as a wedding color or peonies in your bouquet. A wedding planner can take your inspiration and suggest budget-friendly ways to bring it to life. Or, the planner can help craft the bride's and groom’s vision for the day.

8. Ceremony information

You know you will say your vows and have your first kiss as husband and wife, but what else needs to go into the ceremony? The wedding planner can offer suggestions, as well as provide tips on crafting your ceremony programs.

9. Coordinate other events

If you’re seeking recommendations for a rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch, a wedding planner can offer suggestions, or even be booked to ensure these events go off without a hitch!

10. End of night

You have your big sparkler exit planned, but what about the gifts, cards, guest book, cake topper, the list goes on! The wedding planner will be there to ensure all of the valuables make it to their correct home and nothing gets left behind.

11. Communication

Emails, emails, emails--I think this says it all, right?

12. Mediator

Not seeing eye-to-eye with your fiancé, mother, or mother-in-law? A wedding planner can serve as a mediator in this aspect, and convey your thoughts and vision as a third-party. Hearing it from a neutral contact can help remove any negative thoughts and persuade them to your point of view.

13. Seating suggestions

You have this huge open space and want to do something a little different than the traditional banquet rounds. A wedding planner can look at the space, dimensions, number of guests, and provide unique seating recommendations that will enhance your reception. On the flip side, you have all these guests, and are not sure where you're going to fit them all! Once a again, the wedding planner can provide creative suggestions to ensure the takeaway from your wedding wasn't how cramped it was!

14. Hotel room block

If you need a hotel room block, a wedding planner can work with hotels to negotiate a great rate and contract. Some wedding planners, such as myself, come from a corporate events background, where hotel negotiations were the norm. Having this background allows the planner to know what clauses need to be included or struck from the contract. They may also negotiate benefits or upgrades, known as “concessions.”

15. Menu

At some venues or with some caterers, you can customize the menu. Wedding planners know that sometimes working with the chef can create a stellar menu that is still within budget. Reason for this is that chefs can recommend in-season foods or foods being used in conjunction with another event, and this can reduce the price. Chefs also love to be creative, and creating a unique menu allows them to branch off from the norm!

16. Contracts

Contracts are a no-fun necessity. Wedding planners have reviewed and executed 100s or 1,000s of contracts, and know what clauses to look for, or what may raise red flags. Their knowledge will help eliminate any issues you may unknowingly be signing and committing to on your wedding day. For example, did you just sign off on a super expensive rider for the wedding band--promising 2 night accommodations, all meals, mileage reimbursement? A wedding planner will go back and forth with the vendors to ensure an air-tight contract with no unexpected surprises.

17. Problem solving

Alanis sang it best, a bride’s most dreaded phrase: “It’s like raaain, on your wedding day.” You have the most amazing outdoor wedding and reception planned, but Al Roker is calling for rain. A wedding planner will have anticipated this, and will have a tent company on stand-by to come in and tent the area. Or, the wedding planner is at the venue days before your wedding working with the venue coordinator on alternative options to still ensure the bride and groom have a worry-free, beautiful day.

There you have it--just some of the reasons why hiring a wedding planner will be one of the best decisions you make!

xo stephanie

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