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Seating Card Ideas

Looking for ways to tie your theme into your wedding day or maybe you’re just wanting a fun way to bring you and your fiance’s personalities into the wedding? Seating cards may be your best bet!

Your seating card assignments can range from simple printed name cards arranged prettily on a table, but maybe you’re looking for a little more pizzazz, a little less traditional. Below are some fun ideas!

Tip: The difference between a seating or an escort card and place card is that the seating/escort card first directs your guests to their tables and is used in 99% of weddings. Then the place card is displayed at your guests’ seats. Escort cards are more formal, and becoming less common in many weddings.

Seating Charts

There are so many creative ways to show your guests where to find their seats… from chalkboards, to mirrors, to beautiful charts incorporating your invitation suite design. If you have pretty handwriting--lucky you! You could write your own charts, but maybe if you’d rather not put your handwriting on display, reach out to a local calligrapher or Etsy seller to create these signs. The seating chart poster can easily be purchased online, you’re sent a file, and can print it at your local print shop. Then, pick up a frame that ties into your wedding from a store like Home Goods, a voila, a beautiful art piece!

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Tip: For large seating displays, organize by last name rather than table number. This will allow your guests to more easily find their seats. Otherwise, you may take up more time than intended while your guests are crowding around trying to find their names!


Who doesn’t like a fun treat? If you want to give your guests a little dessert before dinner, consider placing their seating cards in cupcakes, macarons, or chocolates.

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Maybe you’d rather not go down the sweet route, seating cards can also be used in fun accents such as clementines, pumpkins, apples… all depending on your wedding theme and season!

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Maybe you’d prefer a unique geometric seating display, consider tiles or laser name plates. These would work well for a wedding seeking something a little more funky and modern than traditional cards.

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Who doesn’t love florals and greenery? From using succulents (very trendy right now!) to flower seeds to actual florals, everyone will appreciate the delicate, romantic touches.

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Tip: When planning an outdoor wedding, ensure your seating cards are secure (ie, not placed on a table), so they don’t get blown away!


Ombre and watercolor designs have been popular for a while, and show no signs of slowing down! And when you see the beautiful designs that can be created, you can easily see why. These can also be DIYed, by using paint samples or creating your own watercolor swirls on card stock.

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These are just a few seating card ideas...the possibilities are endless!

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