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How to get Married at the DC War Memorial

With the surge of intimate weddings this summer and fall, we are seeing lots of couples opt to get married at the DC War Memorial! Although its name does not strike feelings of love and marriage, it is a gorgeous spot on the National Mall with stunning marble architecture and columns.

All you need to do is apply for the 2-hour permit that is $90 through the NPS website. It must be mailed in, you cannot fax it or email the form. Please plan accordingly for processing time (at least 1 month).

In its simplest form, you do not need any additional rentals to have the wedding. Your guests could stand and watch, either under the dome or on the lawn. If you wish to provide chairs for the comfort of your guests, companies such as DC Rental and Something Vintage are well-versed in the logistics of doing so. There is no power at the memorial, so you will need to bring a battery operated speaker so your guests can hear your vows. This can be purchased online or at Best Buy. We also recommend hiring 1-2 string musicians to play music for your ceremony.

Parking is very limited. We highly recommend hiring a car or shuttle service to get you and your guests to and from the memorial easily and without hassle. Want to do something more fun than a car for your getaway? Consider hiring DC Pedicab to bike you away in style.

Check out these recent pictures of one of our own couples who chose to get married at the DC War Memorial on their original date this summer, and will celebrate next year at their venue with friends and family!

Photos by Lisa Boggs Photography


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