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Spring Hay-Adams Wedding

H & H were set to be married in August 2020 at the Hay-Adams Hotel. However, with COVID, they postponed their wedding until May 2021. Leading up to their wedding day, we had to explore back-up venue options multiple times, as Washington DC had restrictions varying from guest count, reduced indoor capacities, to even no dancing! The no dancing was the ultimate deal breaker, and just two weeks out from their wedding day, they moved the reception venue to the Woodlawn Pope-Leighey House in Virginia, where they could have more guests and dance the night away! This meant changing rentals, obtaining a new caterer, new floor plans, new transportation and informing guests of the new plan. But H &H truly took it all in stride and had the best outlook despite not being able to celebrate at their original venue.

The beautiful photos are captured by Madeleine Collins Photography and video by Harrison Films


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